Privacy & Information Management

Our privacy and information management practice helps business clients maximize their revenue opportunities while mitigating legal risk.

Our capabilities include:

  • Data Monetization.  We counsel clients on ways to monetize the data they hold, including though new “big data” innovative data mining and analytics tools.
  • Privacy by Design.  We work with clients to develop “privacy by design” programs that take privacy regulations into account throughout the entire engineering process.
  • The Internet of Things.  We counsel clients on understanding the privacy implications and regulatory issues at play when designing, interacting with or acquiring so-called “smart” products.
  • Policies and Procedures.  We help clients create and review a wide range of privacy compliance documents — including, external and internal privacy policies; documentation relating to cross-border data flow; key privacy and data security clauses of vendor agreements; written documentation security programs (WISPs); bring your own device (BOYD) policies; electronic communication policies; and enterprise level privacy and information management directives.
  • Due Diligence.  We perform due diligence of information assets in business transactions.
  • Audits.  We help clients ensure that their collection, use and transfer of information remain legally compliant.
  • Regulatory Compliance.  We track new regulatory developments at the state and federal levels.  We advise clients on how industry trends and new regulatory protocols may affect their use of personal information.

For information about the firm’s privacy and information practice, please contact Douglas Pulitzer.